Price: $2,000

State: Florida
City: Miami
Zip code: 33157
Type: Animals

Sold (1) Jubilee macaw. ONE jubilee macaw left !! Super tamed handled daily. Gorgeous baby $..
.2 months old & couple days. Dna pending.. Its a hybrid macaw between my male harlequin macaw and my female greenwinged macaw. My babies are not handraised (handreared). I let nature takes its course and let the parents raise the chicks themselves. Providing the parents with a high fat diet of ( seeds,nuts) and plenty of veggies & fresh fruits and water. With doing this method i have seen enormous results in the babies development & overall health and growth. Compare to the conventional method of over the counter powder feeding formulas. No comparison whats so ever. these chicks are one of a kind compare to other chicks being pulled out the nest so early to be handreared as such a crtitical point in their lifes. They will be pulled out at 3 months or so. When they can eat by themselves and be tamed sweet babies. Contact me: call or message at 84