State: Florida
City: Miami
Zip code: 33134
Type: Animals

TOP QUALITY Eclectus baby parrots male and females!!! (Same price either gender)Vaccinated together with booster shots;closed stainless steel leg band Id;(you are adopting from a state bona-fide Licensed exotic bird breeder which legally protects you and your investment in many ways if a claim is made" **Legitimate Licensed Exotic Bird Breeder Permit #ESC 5;ID #7 F.W.C.(Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission), . Every baby will go to his/her loving home with an OPTIONAL pre-starter kit to reasure apropriate weaning as well as adaptation process for un-weaned chicks and partial kit for fully weaned. Every chick here is vaccinated and protected against also air-borne highly contagious/fatal, incurable Polyoma virus disease;(these extras ARE included in price however a $$$ discount given to un-vaccinated and non-DNA'ed chicks yet we vigorously recommend. to have them vaccinated later on by qualified avian vet) Each and every one chick is given the best, professional, individualized attention in a healthy stable home environment for superb socialization and sweet behavior habits. Quality time is taken to feed each chick in a natural non-traumatic way however; that is not as baby mills do by power feeding with a plastic or metal tube down a baby's throat to fill the crop with hand feeding formula in couple of seconds. An un-natural way to hand-feed practice that most likely could help traumatize a baby grey and aid to trigger the eventual awful neurotic self mutilating or plucking behaviour further on into the future. We never force wean a baby grey thus letting them wean at their leisure and own time. The appropriate time for weaning is 16 weeks old more or less . This is closed aviary.. 20% deposit to reserve suggested. Hurry! Selling fast! Pay Pal accepted. Additional pictures and local Certified Avian Vet & recent client references available upon request. Sorry no fertile eggs for sale. Tel(305)223- or e-mail **WE SHIP** Serious inquiries ONLY... Please!!!! **NOTE: There are valid reasons to adopt a pet bird however, we utterly are committed to Aviculture ethics, thus our motto as a Licensed Aviary isn?t and will never be an African Grey species baby mill which ONLY 3-4 raised every three to four months at a time for best and individualized attention better chance to find good loving homes and socialization purposes. Know that many of these magnificent avian creatures are abandoned/abused/neglected rescued by shelters/rescue missions thought the nation. We suggest 1st to consider your adoption from one of these local for instance local SPCA shelters and re-home one feather-head desperately needed for a new loving home and even better yet; a bird for free as well. This is a good example and would highly recommended location like this where some could find a bird desperately looking for a good loving home;
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ask for Mike Hutchison Iowa Parrot Rescue 563-506-
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